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Security trends that will rewrite enterprises' future
Information security continues to be a prime IT priority. Enterprises —large or small — should mull over a layered, centralized security solution that not only offers security outside the network but within the network too in order to guard their information from outside in and inside out.

Here are top security trends that will completely redesign the future of enterprises.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing symbolizes a very strong challenge for security. Enterprises major concern in cloud computing is regarding the safety of their sensitive data. In addition, the data portability and ownership plus reliability are other prime concerns of enterprises when it comes to Cloud Computing.


The increasing virtualization trend brings up frequent security issues. The dearth of specific, virtual network skills in security teams and the soaring cost of new information security solutions are two main hurdles highlighted by experts.

Ahead of just deploying virtualization securely, the virtualization of security controls including firewalls and intrusion prevention systems will revise the information security landscape.

Data Security and Data Loss

The corporate mails are usually flooded with customers' databases, credit card information, business plans and financial records. Protecting these confidential data should be the priority for businesses, if they don’t want to disclose it to outsiders.

The prime sources of data lifting in enterprises are USBs and laptops, corporate email, public webmail, Wi-Fi networks, CDs and DVDs. Experts viewed that 1 of 5 emails that leave the corporate network includes content that can be the root of a legal, financial, or compliance risk. Fortunately, there are security solutions, which include media/hardware encryption or a precautionary data loss solution that can aid organizations to ease the risk.

IT Consumerization

Consumer oriented technology, such as smartphones and consumer services, such as online instant messaging, social networking, and IP telephony (Facebook, Gmail, or Skype) have now found new functionality in the workplace. This trend is also called IT consumerization.

When these devices and apps get integrated with the enterprise, it brings discrete security challenges. Enterprises must guarantee that all corporate data transferred on these mobile devices are protected.        

Green IT

Last but not the least, Green IT continues to be one of the top 10 trends that will be highlighted in 2011. With towering energy prices and better awareness of the risks to the environment, organizations need to seriously consider about the migration to green technology. Yet this green IT trend is also conveniently used by savvy IT leaders to marry ecological aspirations with financial reality.

Social Media

Social platforms have earned so much trust of users that they are willing surrender their personal details even in some of the malicious sites that pop-up with them. So, one can expect a greater volume of spam and attacks on the social Web in near future.

Therefore, it will be essential for enterprises to start reinforcing their and their employees' security policies.

To deal with all these different trends and realizing the different necessities is a hard task for enterprises. They need a complete different approach to brave these security issues. The need is to build a flexible infrastructure that offers security for all these different areas, and can mature with the organizations' growing security needs.

Anupriya Tripathi/ITVoir NewsDesk
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